Ejaculation Master Review

cure premature ejaculation with male edging

Ejaculation By Command review

Ejaculation Master Review

The Ejaculation Master is an electronic manual that pretends to heal not lasting in the sack.
To say it in the words of the site it is a “simple, step-by-step method…that will make you a marathon man in bed”.
I was ashmed at admitting this but:. I never was a marathon man, at no time in the sack nor at no place.

I was one of the men products as these are made for and that is how I found the site.
Going through the site the author at once brought up my main concern: Does this work?
As probably everyone who suffers from coming too fast I tried my fair share of products to rid myself of the challenge.
They cost me a small fortune and none of them worked.
This is why I wasn’t too happy excited about this.

The make up of the website itself does not really help in building trust in the product either - it looks  like hard sell.
It promises a success rate in the high 90s.
Holding in mind what I have tried prior I was thinking: Scam!

But there is a money-back promise backed by clickbank, the biggest merchant of electronic manuals.
This is why I decided to give it a shot because I was sure I would get my money back in case of failure to deliver on all these promises.

The content

The ebook is structured in 4 basic parts.
The last part is a detailed explanation of the problem itself. This is what usually starts a book.
Since I and other buyers of this book are all too familar with what premature ejaculation means I was happy I did not have to hear  that another time.
Instead the ebook goes straight into the suggested solution of the situation.

The guy who wrote this advises to take a 3 step approach in the book.
The steps build on each other so you get conditioned over time to master exercises that seem complex with ease.

The first thing are exercises like relaxation or visualization.
They thus address a bit the right mindset and also aim to build a better awareness of the ejaculation process.

You might have already learnt about the significance of the so called PC muscle to stop your shooting.
I had before this guide but it never was pretty clearly outlined  how do actually do it.
The book
provided me with a lot of information I could ever ask for about this.
It would almost call it the final solution for PC muscle exercises since it it that thorough.
The best part is that the guy who wrote this somehoe manages to explain things very clearly.

The whole book was incredibly ease to read.
The language is very clear and the formatting also helps to get it.

The outcome
You can guess that I was excited about the results.
Bit promises are given and I did not believe that it would fulfill them.
But I gave the manual a shot and I got to to admit: It really helped!

No, it did not help overnight.
It did not cure me within the first couple of days.
I recall I was   2,5 weeks in the program when I first saw an improvement with the program.

Prior I tried start-continue methods during my lovemaking and felt like an idiot doing it.
Often I came even when I stopped competely.

Now I could lastly manipulate this. Over the next several weeks I could really experience a change.
I slowly added one minute after the next to my penetration time.
And became a very proud man.
Nothing’s like  giving your female an orgasm when all she had prior was disappointment.

Ejaculation Master Review - What you need to know
If you are suffering from fast ejaculation and are willing to give a working program a shot this electronic manual is for you.
It is not an overnight solution. But it gives you results.
I still think the program is a bit hyped on the site but on the promise of healing early ejaculation it does as it tells you.

Thus I sincerely recommend you buy this.
It’s to your and to your lover’s benefit!

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